Olympic Google doodles

Have you ever visited the internet in search for the answer to a niggling question, ‘Googled’ a topic of interest, or looked for the meaning of life and before you know it, you’ve been distracted by the many colourful websites and cat videos that you found instead??

10 Amazing Jungle Themed Desktop Wallpapers

Working in an office 5 days a week, it’s important to have inspiration all around you constantly throughout the week. Employers and employees around the world use a variety of methods to create and inspire each other in the office, including: Decorating the office...

The Paintball Printer

Sonice Development, a German design company have created the ultimate boys toy a Paintball Printer. This printer uses a software controlled robot that shoots graffiti artworks onto walls, I don’t condone graffiti but i’d love to have one of these badboys.

5 Jungle Themed Desktop Wallpapers

Everyone needs a bit of creativity throughout the week and here's something to get you started. I've gathered some monkey/jungle themed desktop wallpapers below. Jungle of Fashion I like this one - it's quite artistic. Designing a wallpaper like this takes countless...