People with a home office might need to invest in Kodak printer cartridges after an all-in-one device was singled out for praise.

According to Kim Smallridge of, the Kodak ESP C110 AIO includes a printer, a photocopier and a scanner.

She hailed it as a very affordable model that could become a "focal point" of any home office.

Ms Smallridge said the gadget is also compatible with media cards, so users don't need to load up their computer if they want to print off their pictures.

And since the ESP C110 AIO has a display screen of its own, you can see the images before you actually put them to paper.

Ms Smallridge acknowledged that some consumers find printing quite expensive, but said Kodak is taking steps to make it less costly.

Indeed, she said its Print & Prosper advertising campaign is currently promoting how it can offer good value for money to its customers.

Kodak recently revealed that in 2010, its Consumer Digital Imaging Group enjoyed a five per cent increase in sales.