Places with ink, toner and printer terms in their nameI was recently using the AA online route planner to see how long a pending journey would take… As I perused the directions it gave me, I was struck by the number of places that have unusual names.

This got me thinking; how many places contained terms associated with ink and toner? So armed with Google earth, Google maps and the ordnance survey website, I set about my search!

I know I should get out more, but here are the results…

Places in the UK:

1. Ink Moss (Dumfries and Galloway)

2. Inkpen (West Berkshire)

3. Tonerspuddle Heath (Dorset)

4. Laser Storm (Weston)

5. Print Wood (Warwickshire)

World Wide:

1. Toner (Norway) Yes!!

2. Printer (Kentucky, USA)

3. Ink (Missouri, USA)

4. Inkjet Way (Texas, USA)

5. Lasur (Arbil, Iraq) Closest I could get to Laser!!

Well that’s that.. Perhaps there are more and if you know any, please give some feedback by the way of comments.

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