Factors such as where to keep your printer and ink cartridges should be taken into consideration when designing a home workspace.

Individuals who work from home all the time may need to give more thought to the design of their work room or home office, but anyone who needs a space in the home for working may be able to benefit by creating the right environment.

The Kansas City Star reports that the way furniture is placed in a room is important.

Citing Mindy Starns Clark, author of The House That Cleans Itself, the news provider noted that it is worth keeping items such as a printer and stacks of printer paper close to a desk, so that they can be used with minimal effort.

Other items, that are used more rarely, could be stored out of sight, so that there is minimal clutter to distract people while working.

If space allows, try not to position furniture such as a desk against a wall, the article notes. Designer Rich Lippincott told the news provider that people will miss whatever is going on around them if they are staring at a wall.

Earlier this year, printer and ink cartridge manufacturer Lexmark revealed that desktop computers and laptops remain the "most eye-catching" pieces of equipment that adorn a desk.