People should remember to take proper care of their photos when printing them from inkjet printers.

While people can put their ink cartridges to good use and easily print off digital photos at home, the images remain susceptible to damage from external factors, such as exposure to heat or light.

The Fort Morgan Times reports that Morgan Library's museum curator Nickie Cooper has highlighted the dangers that can occur to all photographs if they are not cared for properly.

Speaking at the museum's Brown Bag Lunch event, Ms Cooper demonstrated that proper storage is important for all images.

While Ms Cooper used an image from a modern inkjet printer to highlight the danger associated with bad storage, she noted that pictures printed in other ways can suffer in much the same way as a result of heat and light exposure, the news provider reports.

A number of new services are being developed that allow wireless printing of images direct from smartphones and other mobile devices, without the need to use a computer for uploading the pictures first.