More people could be investing in digital printing options and ink cartridges, as the digital sector enjoys growing popularity.

Speaking at the Photo Publishing Thought Leadership Workshop, Gary Pageau from PMA Photo Marketing Perspective referred to the digital printing sector as a growing market which was bucking the downward trend for traditional printing options.

In a Xerox blog, Mr Pageau is reported as saying that there has been growth in the sector and one way to further boost this is to bring a "tangible feel" to internet printing options.

Explaining his point, the blog said: "Imagine walking into a retail store and seeing sample photo books on display. It then 'invites' me to a web site to upload my digital photos. As a consumer I would have more confidence in the actual photo book since I was able to touch it at a retail store."

People can enjoy digital printing quality shots in their own home with the right kind of ink cartridges and printers. Many manufacturers, including Canon and HP, offer professional standard items for use at home.

These often double as document printers too, making them a convenient choice for a wide range of needs.