People who choose to print their own greetings cards are able to do so using only a HP Photosmart Plus e-All-in-One and the company's ink cartridges.

The company notes that consumers can gain a number of advantages by printing their own greetings cards, adding that in particular the items give a more personal touch.

HP offers a guide detailing each step that is required when printing a greetings card, and notes that even the message that is due to appear on the item can be typed in from the printer's touch screen.

Various different templates covering some of the main seasonal holidays can be used, the company adds.

A memory card slot on the device allows people to upload images direct from their camera, which helps to save time as a computer is not needed.

Basic image editing can also be done on the device before the final card is created and printed.

HP notes that the model offers an affordable solution as it uses individual ink cartridges.