One charity is calling on people to recycle their printer cartridges as part of an effort to help raise new funds.

The St Helens Star reports that residents in the local area are being encouraged by the NSPCC to give their old toner and ink cartridges to a recycling centre so that extra funds can be raised.

A partnership between the charity and Recycling Factory sees funds given every time a range of items, including ink cartridges, MP3 players and mobile phones are recycled.

The newspaper reports that as well as giving funding to the NSPCC, the Recycling Factory is also providing mobile phones to help NSPCC service users.

As well as helping charity, people who opt to recycle their old ink cartridges will also be helping to limit the environmental impact of using such products.

Home users and businesses can make a difference by choosing to recycle – and a number of schemes are in place to encourage eco-friendly acts ahead of Earth Day, which takes place on April 22nd.