Consumers hoping for an easy option for their home printing needs may find inkjet printers and ink cartridges best meet their requirements.

In an article for the Star Telegram, resident technology expert Mr Modem noted that people can become confused by the terminology used when buying new printers, or other technological items such as digital cameras and mobile phones.

However, those hoping for an easy choice may find that inkjet printers offer all the features they need.

The expert noted they are the "most common type of consumer printers because of their low cost and ease of use".

A particular area of confusion may be the DPI (dots per inch) figure referred to by manufacturers, Mr Modem noted. He highlighted that the higher the DPI, the better the quality of the finished print job.

More ink will also be consumed by printers capable of producing a higher DPI figure, the expert added.

Recently, Mark O'Neill's Green IT for Sustainable Business Practice noted that people may be able to save money by switching their printer ink, the Hindu reports, stating that newer models tend to be more efficient.