The choice of ISO setting on a camera can greatly affect the sharpness of an image, which may be an important factor to consider if pictures are to be printed.

While a higher ISO may be effective for taking pictures in low-light situations, those who intend to print their pictures may find that using a lower setting allows them to have a sharper image.

Although each camera varies in quality at different ISO settings, crisper images will be found with an ISO of less than 200, while the most grainy pictures will come when ISO is up at 1600 or above.

If using colour ink cartridges for printing pictures, people should think about how they want the finished article to look.

In a review of the Sony Cyber-Shot SDC-W570 camera, Cnet recently revealed that pictures sized 5×7 inches may come out crisp and clean when printed even if an ISO 400 setting has been used.

Recently, a number of experts told ABS-CBN News that printed pictures can offer something more to the viewer than pictures viewed online.