The different pricing structure used by Kodak for the sale of printers and ink cartridges offers good value, it has been suggested.

Mark Kaufman, an analyst at Rafferty Capital Markets, suggested that the method of offering higher-priced printers and cheaper ink cartridges offers customers better value than cheaper devices and higher-priced printer cartridges.

Mr Kaufman believes the company's pricing model could be successful, news provider reports. He added that from his own experience, he believes offering lower-priced supplies is a better deal for consumers.

While original ink supplies may be relatively costly, there are other alternatives open to consumers, including using refilled cartridges.

Such products tend to be cheaper than branded options and can offer results that meet individual printing demands.

A number of users have praised Kodak for its printer products, claiming they are easy to set up and use, even for absolute beginners. Recent new models from the company include the ESP Office 2170, which is designed to offer affordable printing for home office users.