Rogue rhesus monkeys have been causing problems in and around India's government buildings, so trained langur monkeys are being used to address the problem.

A report from the Christian Science Monitor notes that over the years, the rhesus monkeys have been causing ongoing problems for government officials in New Delhi as they regularly raid official buildings and complexes.

In order to tackle the problem, the government hires people with trained langur monkeys to chase away the rogues.

The report notes that the monkeys are typically walked around the buildings and courts of power while on a long leash, so that they can easily scare off the rhesus monkeys.

However, each night, after the trained monkeys are led away, the troublemakers return, the report suggests.

Badal Kalandar, one of those who is hired to deal with the problem, told the news provider: "The monkeys like this place because they are fed. There are times when people come with a car full of nuts and bananas for them."

Elsewhere in India, monkeys at the VOC Park on Anvinashi Road in Coimbatore have been spotted eating ice cream in order to try and cool off from the sweltering heat, the Times of India reports.

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