Wembley 360-degree photoSaturdays FA Cup Final between Stoke and Manchester City wasn’t a classic by any stretch of the imagination, but it can be remembered as the first where the fans starred in an ingenious 360-degree panoramic photograph.

Whilst the game was being played out, over 1000 photographs were taken using a Digital SLR with zoom lens mounted on a robotic tripod. The photographs were then transferred to a server by a fast broadband line. Once uploaded, the images were automatically joined together on a Fujitsu Celsius R670 workstation with a stunning 192 gigabytes of RAM and 24 CPU cores!

At a whopping 10-gigapixels, the Wembley 360 was completed in just 24 hours including shoot, stitch, fine-tune and upload; quite an incredible feat of online publishing. This amazing project was overseen by Jeffrey Martin from 360 Cities.net.

Whilst the game wasn’t a classic, the 360-degree photo certainly is!!

You can see the finished photograph on the official website and if you was in the crowd, you can even ‘tag yourself’ using your Facebook login!

For the full story of how it was done, click here.

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