Individuals who use ink supplies to print off their photos at home may be interested in a new series of exhibitions that are taking place in London from today (June 30th).

The London Street Photography Festival features events at locations around the city showcasing the work of some of the world's top professionals and runs throughout July.

According to the British Journal of Photography, there will be 12 shows taking place, with many of them gathered around St Pancras.

Those looking to get involved can also sign up for one of the various workshops, such as a five-day course run by award-winning photographer George Georgiou, or view a documentary about some of New York's most iconic street photographs that is being shown at the Tate Modern.

Other events are being held at locations including the British Library and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Recently, individuals looking to produce hard copies of their own work at home were advised by Hunter Skipworth of Pocket Lint to ensure they always use top-quality printer supplies to get the best results.