Individuals who use Kodak ink cartridges to print out their favourite photographs could be among those who take an interest in a new company that is promising to change the way people take pictures.

Start-up firm Lytro is planning to release a camera that produces an image that can be refocused by users after the snap has been taken, which it hopes will eliminate problems with blurry results.

The technology works by utilising a new type of sensor that captures a far wider range of light than conventional cameras, the levels of which can be adjusted later by the photographer.

Chief executive and founder of Lytro Ren Ng said in a blog post that "as people begin to use light field cameras, we will see an explosion in new kinds of photographic art", adding the technology will be the "next big step" in the evolution of digital imaging.

Recently, it was stated by the British Journal of Photography that one trend currently enjoying a surge in popularity is the use of freeze-motion techniques to create striking images.