A new service from Twitter that makes it easier to share photos has been launched.

The company is updating its search system so that photos and videos can be found on the results page, making it "easier to get a sense of what's happening right now, wherever your curiosity takes you", the social media service said.

As well as the update to the search services, Twitter has confirmed that it is to roll out a new feature allowing people to upload their photos directly over Twitter.com, attaching them to new tweets.

While using printer supplies and ink cartridges remains as one effective way to produce images for one's own enjoyment, sharing them over Twitter could allow friends and relatives in distant locations to make the most of the pictures. They could perhaps even use their own ink cartridges and printers to produce their own copies.

If photos are to be displayed once they have been printed, keeping them out of direct sunlight can help to prevent the ink from fading, meaning they can be enjoyed for a longer period of time.