A cheeky monkey that tried to sneak into the UK aboard a cargo ship will be given a new home at an animal sanctuary.

The BBC reports that the macaque monkey was discovered hiding on the Skagen Maersk after it set sail for Felixstowe from a port in Malaysia.

After being alerted to its presence by the crew, arrangements have been made by the UK Border Agency and Suffolk Trading Standards to give the primate a new home at the Wales Ape and Monkey sanctuary at Caehopkin, near Swansea.

UK rabies rules mean only certain immigration centres are permitted to handle the creatures, while an import licence and a period of six months in quarantine are also required when bringing the animals into the country.

Felixstowe is not one of these facilities, so it would normally have been an offence for the crew to offload their uninvited passenger at the port, the news provider explained.

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