The advent of cloud computing technology could lead to more people needing printer supplies to produce work documents at home.

Project director at Intellect Ian Osborne stated that more individuals are beginning to realise that they can do some of their duties remotely in order to avoid some of the hassle of commuting.

He added problems such as rail strikes and the heavy snowfall seen last winter are leading to some personnel looking to perform their job from the comfort of their own home.

Mr Osborne said this rise is being aided by cloud computing technology, which could make it easier for people to access documents and print them off outside of the office.

"Virtually all of us have Hotmail or Gmail accounts as well, so we're already using the cloud," he said, adding: "I don't quite understand why we have to go through such horrendous machinations to get hold of the company email."

Recent research from Virgin Media Business found many firms may not be acting quickly enough to take advantage of these innovations, as while 60 per cent of workers want access to this technology, only one in ten businesses currently use it.