Individuals looking to buy Kodak ink cartridges for use in a home office environment could find the ESP 9250 model from the manufacturer offers good value.

The maker states the machine is well suited to a variety of uses, as the all-in-one device comes with several easy to use features.

These include a 30-sheet automatic document feeder and Wi-Fi connectivity, while those looking to print images as well as business documents may be able to benefit from the two trays – one of which is an auto-engaging storage space for photo paper.

Reviewer Niall Magennis of CNet UK noted the range of features on the ESP 9250 is very good, with capabilities such as duplexing a valuable addition to a home office.

He also praised the "impressive" photo quality and observed the cheap costs for replacement ink cartridges could make it a good option for high-volume users.

Recently, it was stated by Kodak's director and vice-president of consumer inkjets for Europe, the Middle East and Africa Bob Ohlweiler that people who print an average of four pages or more a day should be able to see a return on their hardware investment within six months.