Individuals in one town in the US may get to see an interesting sight if they come across a troupe of macaque monkeys being carried around by one resident.

The Daily Mail reports how the five primates – named Alley, Jackson, Audrey, Dexter and Jaeda – go everywhere with their owner, Connie Tibbs, who refuses to let them out of her sight.

They are therefore a regular fixture at many businesses throughout the town of Pekin in Illinois, including the local grocery store and petrol station.

Ms Tibbs explained: "If I am draped in monkeys in town sometimes people ask me what I think I am doing? I tell them that I have always wanted a monkey."

However, the rest of the family may not be so sure about the benefits of the unusual pets, as her husband Steve frequently gets clawed when he tries to get close, while their 17-year-old son Tanner is said to despise the creatures, who are reportedly also none too fond of him.

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