Individuals seeking a multifunction printer that can handle a range of outputs may want to examine what the DeskJet 3070A from ink supplies maker HP has to offer.

The manufacturer notes that it should be a cheap device to run due to its individual ink cartridges that mean a person will not have to replace an entire set when one colour runs out.

It is also capable of handling extra-large consumables, which could be handy for those looking to print more frequently.

The DeskJet 3070A has Wi-Fi capabilities and is compatible with the maker's ePrint technology to allow a person to produce documents from anywhere.

It does this by assigning an email address to the machine that users can then send documents to via a mobile device.

One expert to examine the printer recently was PC Advisor's Robin Morris, who stated he was "impressed" by the performance of the model.

He observed the fast speeds and decent quality make it an excellent choice for homeworkers who regularly print text documents, while its photo output is also good.