Individuals who use ink supplies to produce hard copies of their favourite photos may be interested to hear of a photography festival that is coming to a town in Wales.

Aberystwyth will play host to the FfotoAber event this autumn and offers visitors to the town the opportunity to see images in some unusual places, as well as contributing their own snaps, the Western Mail reports.

Deian Creunant, a member of the coordinating team said: "We're encouraging professional photographers, amateurs and those who simply fancy having a go at taking photos to be part of the festival."

He added all contributions would be welcomed, whether a person has an expensive top-of-the-range camera or just a mobile phone.

Displays will take place in galleries and cafes in the seaside town, as well as on the streets and will run from the October half-term to November 19th.

Located on the west coast of Wales, attractions in Aberystwyth include beaches, the remains of an Iron Age fort and Britain's longest electric cliff railway.