Many educational establishments may find themselves needing ink supplies as more schools come to accept the benefits of using technology in the classroom.

Miles Berry, senior lecturer in ICT education at the University of Roehampton and vice-chair of Naace, the ICT Association, stated many students now see computers and other gadgets as "indispensible" aids to their learning.

He noted that pupils are "routinely using it to communicate with other learners, as a way of accessing and contributing to vast collections of information and media and to explore ideas in ways which would otherwise be impossible".

However, Mr Berry observed attitudes to gadgets among teachers are more mixed as, while younger members of the profession have grown up with technology and accept it, there are some who feel they do not have the confidence to make the most of the available facilities.

Printer supplies could also be useful outside the classroom for homework assignments, as it was recently stated by Techilicious' Suzanne Kantra that the ability to print off educational materials could be essential for many families.