More people may find wireless printers and ink supplies could be useful to them as use of portable devices becomes more popular.

According to a study by Gartner, the number of mobile connections will reach 5.6 billion worldwide this year, an 11 per cent rise from the amount recorded in 2010.

Principal research analyst at the firm Jessica Ekholm stated that, as the technology becomes faster and more widely available, a greater number of people will seek to take advantage of it.

This could mean the ability to connect wirelessly to a printer and produce documents directly from a handheld device may be useful to many individuals.

"Mobile data traffic will increase significantly as more people will have access to mobile data networks, there is a migration toward smartphones and an increase in sales of media tablets," Ms Ekholm observed.

Individuals who use a smartphone as their primary means of hooking up to a network could find there are several apps available to aid with printing documents easily.

Manufacturers including Canon, Kodak and HP all offer programs for Apple iOS devices that can help achieve this.