People looking for a good-quality multifunction printer for use in their home may like to investigate what the Hero 7.1 from ink cartridge maker Kodak has to offer.

The manufacturer highlighted features such as its Smart Sensor technology, which helps boost efficiency by automatically determining the size, type and amount of paper needed for a job so a person does not have to select print modes.

It can also provide information on the time and level of ink supplies required to complete a task, while the 3.5-inch touchscreen makes it easy to print, scan and copy documents without using a PC.

One reviewer to examine the Hero 7.1 was Niall Magennis of CNet UK, who was impressed with both the design and output quality of the device.

He observed it is "undoubtedly one of the best-looking printers we've come across" and noted the photos it produces are "first-rate".

Recently, PC Advisor quoted general manager of inkjet systems and vice-president of Kodak Susan Tousi as saying a new model in the Hero range, the 9.1, will offer users a range of intelligent technology to help make printing easier.