Individuals looking to buy Lexmark ink cartridges may be interested in a new project from the company that is seeking to reduce the amount of material that is sent to landfill.

As part of its drive to go green, the company has developed a new version of a recycled pen made from old printer supplies in order to highlight the efforts it makes to improve its sustainability.

Around 94 per cent of the writing implement is made from reused ink cartridges, including all of the plastic components, while updates to the product – which was first introduced in 2010 – are intended to make it easier to use.

"It's a completely new design that's more functional. The ink flow is better and the felt tip is better than the classic roller-ball design that we had first," explained John Gagel, sustainability manager at the organisation.

Last month, it was reported by the Buxton Advertiser that recycled ink cartridges are also helping Save the Children, as Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust will donate £1 to the charity for every empty consumable it collects.