A camera owner may still be able to use ink supplies to print out snaps that were believed lost, after the device was recovered from the bottom of the ocean.

The Canon EOS 1000D belonging to a fire fighter from British Colombia in Canada was dropped into Deep Bay near Vancouver in August 2010, which could have led the owner to believe it was lost forever, the Daily Mail reports.

However, it was found a year later by scuba diver and wildlife photographer Markus Thompson, who retrieved the device and was amazed to find the SD card with 50 pictures was still intact.

In an effort to track down the camera's owner, he then took to Google+ to publish the snaps and ask for help.

The challenge went viral, with thousands of people commenting and sharing the link, until eventually a friend of the owner contacted Mr Thompson.

Google+, which is described as the search engine's rival to Facebook, was launched this summer and was the fastest growing social network in the history of the web, the BBC notes, acquiring over 40 million users in the first 100 days.