Ink supplies maker HP has highlighted the efforts it makes to ensure its operations are sustainable that have seen it send more than two billion pounds in weight of electronics to recycling since 1987.

This is the equivalent to 36 Statues of Liberty, the firm said, adding that in 2010 alone, 311 million toner and ink cartridges were manufactured that contained reused materials.

The enterprise noted this prevented the equivalent of 490 truckloads of plastic from being sent to landfill.

Vice-president of environmental sustainability at the firm Engelina Jaspers stated this performance helps HP raise the bar for the IT industry.

"HP has decades of leadership in environmental sustainability and a strong track record of responsibly managing electronic hardware and printing supplies at their end of life," she continued.

Recycled materials also end up in new printers produced by HP, such as the 3050A model, which contains 35 per cent reused plastics.