Individuals with multiple computers in their home who are looking to use ink cartridges to produce documents have several options available for sharing a printer between gadgets.

One of the most straightforward ways to do this in to invest in a device that has built-in network capabilities in the form of Ethernet or Wi-Fi capabilities, it was noted by CNet.

"Wi-Fi printers are convenient if you want to put your printer somewhere that isn't near your router, but using the Wi-Fi connection isn't the only way to print wirelessly," the publication noted, as connecting an Ethernet-ready device to a home router can also achieve this.

Individuals may also be able to use a wireless printer to produce photos and documents directly from a mobile gadget such as a smartphone with the installation of a printing app, which is offered by many major hardware makers.

Other methods for sharing a machine throughout a home could include taking advantage of a router with an integrated server or purchasing a dedicated printer server, which is a low-cost investment that can use a printer's USB connection.