Many people who received a new smartphone for Christmas may have installed software enabling them to use ink supplies to produce photos directly from the device.

According to data from Flurry, both the iOS and Android operating systems saw millions of activations on December 25th, which led to a large increase in the amount of software being downloaded.

It noted 6.8 million handsets were registered worldwide on Christmas Day, compared with an average of 1.5 million per day between December 1st and 20th.

While a typical 24 hour period would see 108 million apps downloaded, December 25th saw this figure increase by 125 per cent to 242 million.

Flurry observed: "With this record-breaking year coming to a close, we eagerly look forward to 2012, with all signs pointing toward accelerating growth."

Recently, it was predicted by PC World magazine that mobile printing is set to be a major trend for next year as more people turn to smartphones as their primary computing device.