Ink supplies maker Kodak may be hoping that its focus on offering high-quality printouts with help it build on a solid brand in the consumer inkjet market.

The Democrat and Chronicle reports that while many other companies use dye-based ink cartridges, Kodak has patented its own pigmented ink system that produces photos that are dry to the touch immediately on being produced.

As well as offering higher-quality results, tests by image preservation experts Wilhelm Imaging Research found snaps produced using an EasyShare printer could last for up to 100 years in the right circumstances.

It was noted by the publication that "as competitors focus on ways to make printers cheaper and cheaper, consumers are likely to focus more on the quality of their prints," which could present a good opportunity for Kodak to grow its brand.

Last week, it was reported by Tech Radar that Kodak will look to refocus its operations towards its printer sales to offset falling demand for its camera products.