Men who found a new printer and ink supplies under the Christmas tree this year may be twice as likely as women to experience frustration with their gadgets because they refuse to ask for help.

A survey by Geek Squad found 28 per cent of males said they would only seek assistance as a last resort if they could not figure out how to operate electronic devices, compared with 16 per cent of females, the Daily Mail reports.

Geek Squad agent Sam Lawton explained: "Men have a sense of pride and don't want to admit they can't work things out. In my experience they're much more likely than women to say that the product doesn't work."

Complicated instruction manuals are an annoyance to more than a quarter of people, the poll found, while one in five are irritated by a lack of batteries for new items.

It was also recently claimed by internet service provider Plusnet that older generations are more tech-savvy than is commonly believed, as they are more likely to understand jargon than younger individuals.