People dreading the thought of washing up piles of plates after their Christmas meal this year may wish they had some help around the house, such as the monkey that has been filmed taking on the role of dishwasher.

Named Pete, the capuchin monkey was released into the wild from his former home at a sanctuary in El Chapar, Brazil, two years ago, but seemed to have found it difficult to leave the domestic comforts behind.

He has been filmed by conservationist Louis Dumas mimicking human behaviour by picking up a scrubbing brush and using it to clean pots and pans at the facility.

Mr Dumas said: "Pete had been observing me washing the pots for a few days before he took over and began completely and perfectly imitating me."

He was able to take on the chore despite having a baby female called Pea – who is not believed to be his daughter – clinging to his back at the time.

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