Many people may find they can do more with their printer if they can use ink supplies to produce items remotely.

In a paid feature published by PC Advisor, HP noted there has never been a higher demand for printing when on the move thanks to the popularity of smartphones and tablets, as well as traditional laptops.

The firm predicted that a growing number of individuals will therefore look to take advantage of services such as Apple's AirPrint and its own ePrint technology.

"Having the capacity for printing files out remotely … is likely to mean that increasing numbers of us will be enjoying high-quality printouts, even if we're miles away from home or the office," it stated.

HP's ePrint works by assigning an email address to a machine, to which people can then send files such as PDFs, business documents and photos from any device that can access the net, wherever they are in the world.

Earlier this week, technology firm Lantronix unveiled a new print server that can allow users of iOS to print documents remotely on a wide range of printer models, beyond those equipped with AirPrint capabilities.