More people may like to use ink supplies to produce hard copies of educational materials delivered via Apple products such as the iPad in the future.

The company is scheduled to host a special press event tomorrow (January 19th) focusing on the use of technology in education.

While details of the announcement are a closely-guarded secret, it has been speculated the firm is to extend the use of digital textbooks that can be accessed through iOS devices.

Chief executive of Inkling Matt MacInnis told Ars Technica that such a move is quite likely, as Apple has been encouraging educational establishments to purchase large quantities of iPads recently.

"What are they doing with those iPads? They don't really replace textbooks, because there's not very much content on offer," he said, noting this could change if Apple improves the distribution process for software.

Educational technology expert Dr William Rankin also suggested there will be developments announced that will encourage the use of social interactions among digital textbook users.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that while new hardware is not expected to be unveiled, more partnerships with publishers and a greater variety of ways to interact with digital content can be expected.