Keen camera owners using ink cartridges to produce hard copies of their best pictures may be pleased to hear London's Photographers' Gallery is set to announce plans for its reopening.

The publicly funded facility, which originally opened in 1971, has been closed for more than 18 months while it undergoes an £8.9 million renovation, the Guardian reports.

However, the work is now nearly complete and the gallery is set to reopen on May 19th, with the first exhibitions featuring images by Edward Burtynsky and the New Delhi Raqs Media Collective.

Gallery director Brett Rogers acknowledged the plans were behind schedule, but added the redevelopment is an "exciting milestone" for the venue.

He told the publication he has ambitious plans for the gallery that are seeking to take advantage of booming interest in the medium.

"With the rise of digital technology and camera phones, everyone feels they're a photographer now," Mr Rogers said.

Indeed, it was recently noted by GfK Retail and Technology that improvements in smartphone camera technology have led to the devices becoming a viable alternative to digital cameras for casual photographers.