The use of technology may become an increasing consideration for fashion designers in the future as they become open to the new opportunities that are available.

Dr Brock Craft, physical computing lecturer at Goldsmiths, suggested one use for innovations would be to integrate interactivity into clothing.

"For example, can I put my mobile or MP3 player somewhere on my shoulder or on the garment and have the controls by my wrist," he stated.

The expert also highlighted designers who have incorporated illuminated strips into items using electroluminescent wire, which is beginning to be used as trim work on dresses and other fashions.

While the light this gives off is not very bright in the daytime, it becomes highly noticeable when the wearer is in a relatively dark room, Dr Craft added.

However, he noted one of the challenges for designers looking to include technology in their items is how to conduct electricity and connect the garments themselves to the wearable computer that controls it.

Another area where technology may help fashion is the use of 3D printers, which the Financial Times recently noted can be used to create personalise accessories and jewellery.

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