Players of popular construction game Minecraft may be interested in a new tool that can uses 3D printer supplies to create physical models of their virtual creation.

The software – which is available for PC, Xbox 360, Android and iOS devices – allows players to build virtual objects out of textured 3D cubes and boasts over 19 million registered users, with over 4.5 million purchasing the premium version.

Now an add-on for the game, known as Mineways, is offering users the chance to export their creations to the real world using a 3D printer.

Created by Eric Haines, the open-source program captures a model and converts it into a printable format and can also upload it to Shapeways, a service that produces a copy of 3D items designed on a computer and ships it to individuals who do not have their own printer.

Commenting on the innovative, Matthew Humphries of said: "I get the feeling Mineways is going to be a big hit with Minecraft players and we're going to see some great 3D models being printed in the coming months."