Parents of young children may find new mobile technology can help them educate their kids as well as provide entertainment.

TV presenter and technology expert Ella Williamson said the use of gadgets is now being instilled in children at an early age, both at home and in schools.

She observed computers are being introduced to youngsters in classrooms much earlier and in more detail than in the past, which is resulting in a generation that finds such devices extremely intuitive to use.

Therefore, Ms Williamson said technology can be a key part of both keeping kids occupied and offering them learning experiences.

"It's brilliant for parents to have another avenue for portability, so they can have a lot of kid's books on their tablet and have apps on the go," she added.

Recently, Grainne Conole, director of the Beyond Distance Research Alliance at the University of Leicester, said gadgets such as the iPhone have had a "transformative" effect on e-learning capabilities.

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