Companies looking to boost their data protection may be interested in one expert's comments on internet security in the cloud.

Security editor at Techworld John Dunn explained how there are "a lot of security and regulatory compliances to using the cloud".

He commented how data protection is increasingly becoming a key focus, with the layers an organisation has being reviewed.

According to the security specialist, more and more emphasis is being placed on the idea of purchasing cloud security as a service.

Mr Dunn explained how this would mean: "All of the traffic that goes in and out of your company will come through a layer that's run by a cloud company – it will be filtered and looked at."

As a result, there is a "layer" between customers and companies, which makes it harder for cyber attacks to infiltrate, it was claimed.

The comments follow a recent announcement by Google that its privacy policy will see users' activities tracked and consolidated into a single profile.

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