One of the rarest species of monkey in the world has seen its population increase due to conservation efforts in China.

The white-headed langur is ranked as one of the world's 12 most endangered species, with just 598 reported to be living in the Asian nation's Guangxi Zhuang region in 2003, UPI reports.

However, news sources in the country have stated increased efforts to protect the primates, including the creation by the local government of a 30 square mile nature reserve in 2005, have seen numbers increase to 937 today.

The area was recently upgraded to a state-level reserve, which means it will benefit from additional efforts to ensure the future of the species.

Poachers and the destruction of their habitats by increased human activity have been blamed for the sharp decline in the population of white-headed langurs over the last fifty years.

There was more good news for conservationists recently, as it was confirmed a species of monkey that was thought to be extinct has been captured on camera in Borneo.

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