A growing number of people may be coming to appreciate the benefits of using ink supplies to produce items directly from a mobile device.

This is according to Kodak, which stated in a paid feature for Digital Arts Online that the increasing use of gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and netbooks means there is an added demand for products that can print wirelessly.

It noted this has led to several innovations, such as the introduction of cloud printing and Apple's Airprint, while many manufacturers offer mobile apps that allow users to print from their handheld gadgets.

"Using these mobile options will revolutionise the way you print out everyday items such as word processing documents and colour photos," the company said.

It added users can enjoy the convenience of not having to use cables, while the available services are simple to set up and require no maintenance.

Recently, Kodak confirmed it will be focusing more of its operations on home printers, noting its technology offers customers a "broad range" of photo products that can be accessed anywhere at any time.