The use of technology can offer a good learning aid by enabling people to experience more realistic simulations of what they can expect in the real world, it has been stated.

This is according to Dr David Guralnick, president of the International E-Learning Association, who said such immersive simulations can be valuable tools in numerous environments, from staff training in businesses to academic institutions.

Dr Guralnick, who is also president of Kaleidoscope Learning, said: "One advantage is that well-designed e-learning can be more engaging and more effective than traditional classroom methods – in which a teacher or trainer stands up in front of a class."

They can also be effective in subjects such as chemistry, where experiments may be too risky to try out in real life, he continued.

Recently, it was also stated by TV presenter and tech expert Ella Williamson that mobile apps for smartphones and tablets can be great for both educating and entertaining young children, as this generation typically finds these gadgets highly intuitive.

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