Printer supplies for 3D machines may become more common requirements by universities in the coming years if they follow the lead of one institution in the US.

Louisiana State University's (LSU) Daily Reveille reports students from across the establishment have access to the 3D machine in its Engineering Communication Studio (ECS) to help with class assignments and design projects.

The Dimension Elite Printer is capable of creating 3D plastic models of up to eight inches per side and has been used for projects ranging from model jaw bones to iPhone cases.

Manager of the ECS Warren Hull explained while many institutions are beginning to adopt 3D printing, LSU is leading the way in implementing the advanced technologies.

"How it's utilised is different," he said. "We're unique because we have it in public and open for student use."

Elsewhere, it was recently revealed that doctors in the Netherlands have used a 3D printer to create a new jaw out of titanium for an elderly patient.