Although internet connectivity is improving in the UK, there is still a significant gap between services in urban and rural areas.

This is according to Broadband Expert spokesman Richard Patterson, who noted the best services are limited to people in towns and cities.

He claimed the divide between these types of locations is too big and instead of trying to increase the speeds received in urban areas, the focus should be on rural locations.

"Whilst setting targets for superfast 100Mb or even 30Mb broadband is welcomed, the priority should be bringing rural broadband up to speed," Mr Patterson stated.

He claimed government grants or incentives could be used to subsidise the fibre optic network that would give households in remote locations better internet connectivity.

The expert suggested one of the quickest ways to make improvements would be to roll out 4G connectivity as soon as possible.

Indeed, Ofcom is currently considering proposals from Everything Everywhere, which wants to use its existing spectrum to deliver 4G services across Britain.

This is "likely to bring material benefits to consumers, including faster mobile broadband speeds and – depending on how Everything Everywhere uses the spectrum – potentially wider mobile broadband coverage in rural areas", the regulatory body stated.

It stated it looks set to approve the changes, as it does not believe they will damage competition within the sector. agreed 4G is the way forward for the UK, with broadband expert at the organisation Dominic Baliszewski noting that as smartphones and other mobile devices become increasingly prevalent, more and more people will be demanding better mobile broadband.

Mr Patterson believes the UK could meet European Commission targets for broadband connectivity, but the deadline of 2020 means those who do not have a good internet service may have to wait a long time for an improvement.

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