Many people using smartphones may wish they are able to access a wider range of large-screen products that could be better suited for viewing media such as photos and video.

A poll conducted in the US and the UK by Strategy Analytics revealed gadgets with a greater viewing area are in high demand.

Almost nine out of ten smartphone owners surveyed by the group expressed a preference for items with a larger screen than their current device, it was found.

Paul Brown, director at Strategy Analytics' User Experience Practice, said: "This trend is driven by increased mobile web browsing capability, as well as engaging video and gaming experiences."

Larger, more detailed displays could be beneficial to users looking to perform tasks such as editing photos on their device before sending them directly to a printer to create a hard copy using ink cartridges.

Generally, handsets with screens in the four to four-and-a-half inch range were most favoured by consumers, though there is an expectation they will make up for these increased dimensions by also being thinner and lighter.

There were also some differences between users of Android and iOS models, with those using Google's operating system keener to replace their device with a larger-screened model than Apple customers.

Increased display sizes are also in greater demand among males than females, the research revealed.

Vice-president for the User Experience Practice at Strategy Analytics Kevin Nolan said: "In order for smartphone owners to adopt larger devices, it is important for handset manufacturers to ensure that mobile devices are not too heavy and that the devices remain thin enough for purses and pockets."

The desire for high-quality displays on mobile devices may also be an area Apple is also looking to take advantage of with its latest iPad.

One of the key features of this machine, which has gone on sale in the UK today (March 16th), is its Retina screen that promises a higher resolution than a full-HD television.