Ink cartridges manufacturer Epson has offered amateur photographers a selection of tips for how to produce the best hard copies of their summer snaps this year.

The company issued the advice as part of the US’ National Photo Month, which is aiming to encourage people to brush up on their skills and make the most of their digital cameras.

Richard Day, product manager at Epson America, said: “Summer vacations, or just relaxing summer weekends, are perfect opportunities to tackle new projects and National Photo Month reminds us about the power and importance of creating and capturing memories.”

He added now is also a good time to remember that a true photo is about the power of the printed image, which is why individuals who have invested in a new digital camera should also consider purchasing a high-quality photo printer in order to make the best use of their new device.

Mr Day suggested the Epson Stylus Photo R2000 is an ideal machine for this, as it has been specially designed for producing sharp images and has received awards from publications such as PC Mag, which named it as an Editor’s Choice.

It was also previously described by Macworld as producing “beautiful, long-lasting colour photos”.

Epson noted that when a person has chosen their machine, it is important they check they are using the correct settings in order to get the best results.

The firm explained using plain paper options for photo paper – or vice versa – will not produce the best results, while users should always use a setting that offers a balance between speed and high-quality images.

Individuals should also leave their outputs for 24 hours before framing or displaying them in order to ensure the inks have time to fully dry, even when using printers such as the Stylus Photo R2000 that offer instant-dry technology, Epson said.