A tech startup firm has demonstrated new wearable technology in the form of glasses that can record photo and video.

Vergence Labs used 3D printer supplies to create the prototype of the frames, which can share the images they capture on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the Daily Mail reports.

It was noted by the publication that unlike other glasses-based technology recently demonstrated by Google, which it described as “bulky and distinctly dorky”, Vergence’s products look just like regular specs.

The frames – the design of which has been likened to those worn by Superman’s alter-ego Clark Kent – incorporate a tiny camera in the bridge that enables users to capture first-person images of what they see, which the company is hoping will offer a unique way to capture important moments.

“Recording video or taking pictures is clunky. You have to pull out your smartphone or your video camera and hold it up,” the firm stated, adding: “What if you could just touch a button on your eyewear and start recording from the actual perspective of your eyes instead?”

In addition to the recording functionality, the specs also feature a ‘magic button’ that will instantly turn them into sunglasses for use on sunny summer days.

Vergence Labs is aiming to raise $50,000 (