iPhone 5As smart phone technology improves, their battery life gets better and better, but as they get smarter and we use them for more day to day tasks like watching movies and playing games, those batteries begin to drain down very quickly.

So here are 10 top tips to get the most out of your iPhone and improve its battery life:

1- iPhone settings

Your iPhone has so many different functions, but we rarely use every function all the time! Simply turning off 4G, 3G, WIFI or Bluetooth when they aren’t needed can significantly increase the battery life.

2- Turn screen brightness down, Turn off vibrate

Again another great way to save on battery life with settings, is to turn the screen brightness down (Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper) or if you use the vibrate feature instead of ringer, turn that off too.

3- Keep the software up to date

New software updates from Apple often improve battery life

4- Keep it cool

Did you know that heat degrades a battery performance the most of all. Never leave your phone anywhere hot or even in your pocket all day, take off the phone cover when charging and if possible even put it somewhere really cool when you aren’t using it.

5- Turn off the phone

A really simple one but when you aren’t using your iPhone for a few hours or overnight….Turn it off!

settings6- Airplane mode

You may not be jetting off to a sun kissed beach but switching your phone into airplane mode disables cellular network use and WIFI….things that greatly drain the battery life.

7- Part charge your phone

The iPhone uses a Lithium-Polymer battery which only has a set number of full charges. What this means is that when you have had your phone for a while and charged it to 1 full capacity charge over and over to 100%, eventually the battery life will start to deteriorate and not last as long as it used to.

For an iPhone, 1 full capacity charge is not when half of your batter has been used and you top it up with a charge, but 1 full capacity charge is a total battery drain and full recharge. That means that you might use 50% of the battery and then charge it one day and another 50% and full charge on another day equalling 1 full capacity charge.

In short if you part charge your battery over a number of days, 1 full capacity charge might give you 3 or 4 days of use where 1 full 100% battery use and 100% battery charge may only give you a couple of days depending on what you’ve used your phone for, or how much you’ve drained the battery.

8- 1 Full charge cycle per month

Give your iPhone at least 1 full battery drain and 1 full recharge to 100% at least once a month. This keeps the electrons moving and maintains the batteries full capacity.

9- Turn off push notifications for apps and email

Push notifications and emails cause your phone to keep accessing the cellular network or WIFI to download information really draining battery power!

10 – Reboot your iPhone

Turning the iPhone power off and on every so often reboots all the processes that might be constantly using battery power.