Google Culture | Soft furnishings and hard work

Google Culture | Soft furnishings and hard work

Google… It means many things to many people, but in one way or another it touches all our lives.

The company that was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin has had such a profound influence on modern culture that the word Google is now used as a verb. If we’re not sure of a fact, or want to find what’s on at a local cinema or need to buy ink cartridges, then we ‘Google it’.

Users ‘not spending time’ on Google+

Google+ is failing to persuade users to spend time on the social network, new research has revealed. A study by comScore found individuals in the US averaged just over three minutes on the site in January, while rival Facebook saw its users spend around...

Twitter founder warns against user ‘obsession’

The founder of social networking site Twitter has warned the site's users that spending hours a day interacting with the service is "unhealthy". Speaking at a conference in Montreal, Biz Stone said it is not good that some individuals are claimed to be...

Twitter ‘hits 500m users’

Social networking site Twitter has signed up its 500 millionth user, according to a monitoring site. Estimates from Twopcharts stated the milestone was passed earlier today (February 23rd), with registrations already up to nearly 501 million, with over 13 new accounts...